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KELLY LITWILLER (Published in the Mount Forest Confederate Editorial)

I am writing this letter in recognition of Dave Reeves, owner/head trainer at Phoenix Performance Center (PPC), Mount Forest.  If Dave knew I was submitting this letter, he would tell me it was unnecessary.  I beg to differ.

Dave dedicates his life to helping others.  The people who come into the PPC for bootcamp, personal training, Taekwondo and Mix Martial Arts, are not only viewed as clients but friends as well. PPC has a very family friendly atmosphere.  Dave teaches people to have integrity and to believe in themselves.  It is plain to see the pride in Dave's eyes when he sees his clients and students trying their best and succeeding.  His teaching style is very structured and regimented yet fun. Each and every one of his students/clients is recognized as an individual with their own goals.

Dave also provides a program for co-op students.  It is incredible to see the changes that they go through while attending PPC.  Dave teaches them so much.  At the end of the program, they are more aware of who they are and what they want to do in life.  Dave is not only a teacher.  He is a mentor.  No matter how many times a client and/or student thanks Dave, he always has such a way of turning the compliment around and making it all about the person giving the compliment.  Dave always makes people feel so good about themselves yet has no idea of what his expertise and honesty truly means to them.  Everyone that participates at PPC works remarkably hard but they all know that Dave has helped them tremendously.  The amount of respect and appreciation they have for him is endearing.  There is a lot to be said for Dave's dedication and modesty.

Recently two clients of the PPC ran in the Toronto 5km and half marathon run.  They did amazingly well.  Dave coached and trained them both from start to finish.  He even went down to watch the run and was there at the finish line with huge praise and congratulations.  This is not just a job for Dave; it's a passion.

Dave participated in the Toronto Spartan Race this past June with a group of clients/friends.  They all thanked him so much for all he did to help them train for such a grueling event.  It was fun but requires a lot of prepartation and hard work.  During that race, Dave stopped to help another runner (that he didn't even know).  He would say, "That's just human kindness".  He's right, but not everyone would do that when they are running a race for time.  Even though he knew the paramedics were on their way, he assisted the injured person.  Dave is a die-hard fintess enthusiast, but first and foremost, a man with a huge heart always helping others.

I myself am a client of PPC.  Dave and I participated in the Ottawa Spartan race, also this past June.  It was one of the most amazing and gratifying experiences of my life.  Dave trained and coached me for the race.  His patience and devotion is amazing.  Dave helped me overcome some personal feats of my own.  Not only my fitness level but also with confidence and so much more.

By submitting this I hope that Dave will finally understand just how much he has helped and continues to help so many people.  I also hope to bring even further knowledge to the public about Dave Reeves and Phoenix Performance Center.  If you have not yet signed up, you're really missing out.  In closing, I would like to thank Dave for all he has done to help me and so many others, strive to be the best they can be not only regarding health and fitness but in life.



It all started 2 years ago in November 2009.  I own a small bookkeeping company and Dave Reeves of PPC came in to talk about his book work.  During this conversation we discussed his business and I learned he did personal training.  Intrigued I ask "eh think you can get me down 10 lbs by the time I go on Holidays on Dec 24th"  His reply was sure stop by the gym. If you don't get the 10 pounds off in time, the sessions are free. If you do- you join.

Well heck I was game.  The first time in his gym and then for a few days later I felt like I entered the devils playground.  I was so sore. I hadn't worked out in years.  Dave told me he had to find my fitness level.  Heck I could have told him, it was Zero!!

Dec 23rd comes and I weighed in.... Dam him I was down 12 lbs, 2 more then was needed. I went on holidays feeling great for the first time in years.

When I came back I joined. All smiles.  With the great hopes of being a lesser me.  Well here it is 2 yrs later and all smiles at MY accomplishments.  I would have said his! but, Dave is the type of person, man, friend and trainer that says,YouI did all the work, I just taught you". Dave held my hand and held me up when I thought I was going to fall.

The STATS say it all........ TOTAL inches lost 40.25, TOTAL weight loss 42.60 lbs.

My body is more toned and stronger than it has been in years.  If I could do all this at 50 years of age anybody can.  Hard work, guidance, the true understanding of a personal trainer. Dave is there for you. He can change anyones thoughts and outlook with his unique and awe inspiring training programs.

My energy level is up.  My self esteem is up as well and Heck I DON'T LOOK TO SHABBY EITHER.  THANKS DAVID REEVES you are inspiring and an awesome personal trainer and friend!!!  TRUTHFULLY, I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU.... Lets see what the next 2 years have in store for me.



My first introduction to Phoenix Performance Center was watching my grandson in his Taekwondo Class.  I was impressed with the attention Dave Reeves paid to each individual student's needs.  Then I learned there was more-- my daughter invited me to join her in a bootcamp class.  Because of her persistence I agreed to try it, even though exercise was not a part of my lifestyle.  I'm glad she didn't give up on me, because what I found was so much more then exercise.  The atmosphere of caring, support, camaraderie and fun keeps me going.  And it's never boring--each day presents a different challenge.  Over time, Dave's endless patience and encouragement made me realize I'm capable of doing much more than I ever thought.  In fact, this past June, with Dave's help, I was able to finish in my very first Spartan Sprint along with a great supportive team from the gym, which included my daughter, son-in-law and 2 young grandsons - a family event for us.  Our whole family attends classes at Phoenix and in doing so, we continue to grow and discover our capabilities.  Best of all, I can happily say that I'm healthier and more fit than I have ever been.  Thank you Dave for providing us with such a great opportunity for self improvement.