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Dave Reeves

My story in fitness:

I first started my road to health and fitness in high school by competing in Cross Country Running, Track and Field, Soccer and Gymnastics. It was my love for the martial arts that really got me involved in fitness and training.  In 1992 I started my first martial art, Taekwondo (the way of the hand and foot) became a driving force that lead me to learning more about fitness.  I started to compete at local tournaments both in Canada and the US, becoming more and more competitive I moved up to the provincial , national and world stage.   The whole time  looking for ways to become a better fighter. I started to cross train in different martial arts such as Kickboxing, Boxing, Hapkido, Kum Sul, Muay Thai and submission fighting.   I am an amateur  MMA fighter and  have had the opportunity to train with UFC Coaches and fighters such as Greg Jackson, Firas Zahabi, Nate Marquardt, Myles Jury and Chad Laprise to name a few.


In 1995 I started to study Kinesiology in University. Over the next four years I  learned more and more about training and fitness.  After Univeristy, I began working for an orthopeadic company as an outside consultant and sales rep ,working with Health Care Professionals in Physiotherapy, Athletic Therapy, Orthopeadics, Sports Medicince, Pedorthics, Chiropractic and Chiropody.  One of the major benefits to this was that I was always involved in the same educational seminars and professional conferences. Working with these health care professionals, I learned all the lastest and ground breaking research in the field of sports medicine and athletic development.   As a result  I learned more about the nature of sports medicine and the methods used to rehabilate an injuried athlete, not only to repair the damage done but to prevent it from ever happening again.


With my involvement in competitive fighting and working with the medical community I was always in the gym "working out", whether it was for a major event or just to keep my fitness level up from all the driving I was doing working around the province.  Over the many years I became bored with the "BIG BOX" gyms and main stream  methods of training.  In my search for different methods of training I learned about a trainer named Gunner Peterson.  Gunner has always used "outside the box "thinking when it came to training, using everything and anything that he could to train his clients including action star, Sylvester Stallone. 


 I had found "functional" training, a method of training where you train the body for action.   I started to take classes and seminars in the use of Kettlebells, Ropes, Ladders, Plyometrics and the TRX Suspension Training.  I also started to train by thinking "Outside the Box" using logs, sandbags, tires, kegs and other items that can be found in any garage.  I studied the methods of lifting behind the olympic lifts like the clean and jerk and the snatch.  I have become an avid CROSSFIT enthusiast and have  looked for more ways to train my body and compete.  I participated in trialthons,5km and 10km road races, I even ran some of these races with both of my boys in tow using a harness system and wagon (IRONDAD RUNNING) and in 2011 I did my first SPARTAN SPRINT, a 5km cross country run with 20 or more obstacles.  I am also continuing to challenge myself with new goals and events.  This has included  SPARTAN SUPER, BEAST and ULTRA BEAST races , TOUGH MUDDERS, and I have ended a 6 year leave from fighting and entered the cage in May of 2013.     


There is still so much for me to learn, I feel like I am just getting started and look forward to finding new and exciting ways to train both myself and the people that come to me.


Don't limit your challenges, challenge your LIMITS.