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 Mixed Martial Arts Classes

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  We all know that most MMA fighters have a unparallelled level of fitness.  The MMA Conditioning Class works with the training methods and equipment that make the top MMA fighters the way they are. 

We have been developing this program for the since January of 2012, what started out as a conditioning class has grown into a MMA Training explosion.  Not only do you push your fitness level further then ever before.  But you with learn all the area's of MMA: boxing , kickboxing, submission fighting and ground and pound.

Every month we are bring in guest instructors in boxing, kickboxing, Jujitsu and wrestling.  As well as attending seminars with Top Coaches and Fighters in the world.


Monday : 7AM

Tuesday: 7AM,  7PM

Wednesday: 7AM

Thursday: 7AM

Friday: , 8:15PM

Saturday: 10am (Sparring)  MUST HAVE EQUIPMENT

Sunday:  8am - 10am

Classes work as a drop in session no need to sign up,  just come when you can

Tuesdays : 5pm  Intro to kickboxing class



You will need wraps and gloves for all the pad and bag work.  Shin guards , mma shorts and rash wear are all optional.   All equipment is available to order!


"My WEAKNESS becomes my WEAPON and my Pain, my PLEASURE"

Brian Stann